Welcome Back Football

It’s hard for me to celebrate the return of the Roger Goodell-led NFL this coming Thursday because, well, the incompetent commissioner and the band of out of touch septuagenarian owners he represents make it really hard for me to back them on any decisions or show them any kind of support. The fact that they’ve instituted a rule barring all players from any kind of silent protest (aka kneeling) during America’s national song is enough to get me going on a proper rant.

I’m excited not for the return of the NFL, but for the return the actual game of football, with all the wild, wacky and wonderful players, coaches and experiences that come with it. But even that aspect of football is being affected negatively before Week 1 has even kicked off thanks to the continued prevalence of season-ending ACL injuries, especially tears of the crucial ACL ligament in the knee. Players who’ll have to wait another year to show off their supreme gifts include stars like Jags speedster wideout Marqise Lee (ligament damage), Niners pricey new tailback Jet McKinnon (ACL tear) and Washington’s highly-touted rookie back Derrius Guice (ACL tear).

What a wonderful time, for yours and for mine.

So why tune in this season? What with the league office’s questionable handling of suspensions and domestic violence cases, their alarmingly tone deaf anti-free speech rhetoric, the concussion problem and the rules changes that come with that as well as another rash of brutal knee injuries, it seems like there isn’t much reason to watch or support football and the NFL. Over the next week leading up to opening Sunday, I will be posting several articles with examples of the spectacles and ridiculous athletic specimens you might be missing out on if you do decide to boycott this season. You don’t have to pay the evil NFL anything to watch/support your team, it’s 2018, just stream that sucker.